Anatomy of the AMC – VUmc focus area 'Reproduction & Development'

'Reproduction & Development' (R&D) is one of the eight research focus areas of the AMC and VUmc medical centers in Amsterdam.
This data visualisation illustrates all senior (co-promotors and promotors) and junior researchers (PhD students) that are active in R&D
and how they collaborate across locations on specific research themes and types.
The Network view shows all (co-)promotors. These are connected if they share one or more PhD students in a collaborative project.
Specific (co-)promotors can be found by entering their name in the appropriate field. Within R&D there are twelve 'Research themes',
whose collaborative networks can be visualised independently by selecting them in the pull down menu.
The Research Theme view shows all (co-)promotors and PhD students categorised by research theme.
In all views color coding can be applied to visualise the 'Affiliation' or 'Research Type' of everyone who is active in the R&D focus area.
Place the cursor over the objects in the network for more details or drag objects to rearrange the network.

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